The Step By Step Non-Profit foundation addresses the growing number of Baby Boomers without home care coverage. Yet they are discharged from the hospital alone with no assistance.

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Most school teachers, nurses and the Middle class population are affected by this omitted coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important that Step By Step Senior Care is licensed by the state of Arkansas?

Many non-medical home care agencies elect not to pursue licensing by the state of Arkansas.  Such act is illegal to run an agency.  Step By Step Senior Care chose to comply with the requirements of the state for the benefits it assures our clients.  First, as a licensed provider, we must adhere to stringent compulsory requirements for background checks, qualifications of each caregiver.  These are not criteria that we make up; they are stipulated by the state.  Second, by being a licensed provider, most companies that provide long term care insurance will recognize us and pay all or part of our services.

Will my long term care insurance pay for this service?

If you have a provision for unskilled non-medical home care in your policy, they should honor that provision with Step By Step Senior Care because we are licensed with the state of Arkansas. Most companies will not recognize the non-licensed agency.

What is live in care?

This is 24-hour supervision and care.  A home care aide assists the client during day and night.  So families and clients request this service to eliminate anxiety and fears of loneliness.  24-hour home care aides do not live with the client; they have a home of their own and is paid an hourly rate for the service rendered.

How do I set up services?

First step is to request for service at Step By Step Senior Care.  By contacting our office at, (501) 541-8311, a registered nurse or a case manager will conduct a free assessment/consultation with you and your family.  A personalized care plan is then developed and a home care aide is assigned.

Why should I just place an ad in the paper and hire someone for $7.00 per hour?

There is a great temptation to do this, however it may well be a false economy.  If you hire a person directly, they are contract labor.  As such, you are obligated to file tax documents for them at the end of the year.  You may also be liable for injuries if they have an accident while in your employment. 

Also consider whether or not you have knowledge and resources to properly research their background and ensure that they are of the moral character they claim.

A final consideration you should make relates to the fact you are dealing with an individual rather than a company.  If that individual gets sick, is in an accident, or just gets “spring fever” and decides not to come to work, you have no fallback position.  With Step By Step Senior Care, if your caregiver is a no-show for any reason we will immediately arrange for another qualified person to substitute for them.

Why should I care if the caregiver is bonded and insured?

While we are very careful about who we hire there is always the possibility that a caregiver will either purposefully, or accidentally cause damage in the home.  They may not be able to resist the temptation of taking something that isn’t theirs.  If the caregiver were not bonded and insured it might be very difficult to get restitution for the loss.  This is one of the risks you run if an agency doesn’t bond their people or if you hire someone directly.