The Step By Step Non-Profit foundation addresses the growing number of Baby Boomers without home care coverage. Yet they are discharged from the hospital alone with no assistance.

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Most school teachers, nurses and the Middle class population are affected by this omitted coverage.

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5202 65th Street
Little Rock, AR 72209
Phone: 501-562-0880
Phone: 501-541-8311
Fax: 501-379-9229
Email: stepbystepseniorcare@

How do I know if Home Care Services is what I need?
Are you receiving inadequate meals and nutrition?

Do  you have unopened or piled up bills?

Are you having recurring memory lapses or frequent falls?

Are you experiencing a lack of interest?

here to help. Our team of nurses and case managers will conduct a free assessment of your home care needs. Our endeavor is to help relieve loneliness and rejuvenate interest to enjoy life! We are currently providing services in the following counties.



Call us today: (501) 562-0880, (501) 541-8311, Fax: (501) 379-9229.

Testimonies from satisfied clients...

“The level of service at the Step By Step Organization is fantastic. Having been a caregiver for my handicap child, I am consistently thankful for the relief in help sent to me.  I am impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. I needed my child’s' hospital bed fixed and did not have the money to pay for the service.  Step By Step completed the application for me to receive assistance through their Step By Step Organization.  I am Thankful!!    Thank you!”
Ms. J. Pettus

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find financial assistance.  I needed my prescriptions picked up at the neighborhood pharmacy.  I live alone and my two adult children live out of state.  I have no transportation. The Step By Step Organization found the financial means for me to get errand services.  I got my prescription medications delivered directly to my door.  The Step By Step Organization was recommended to me by a friend. The quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Mr. R. Cunningham